Tina Secondine

Director of Programs
, Bartlesville

Tina has worked in the ID/DD field for more than 40 years. She was inspired by her brother who has an intellectual disability. She has made helping people with disabilities her life’s mission.

It was a little more than 40 years ago when Tina – inspired by her sister (who has an intellectual disability) – opened up a day care center for special needs children. From that day forward, Tina decided this would be her life’s mission – to help people with disabilities live their best lives.

​By 1993, she transitioned out of day care and into working for larger, non-profit organizations in various roles including Program Coordinator and Habilitation Training Specialist (HTS). Tina worked in residential and vocational posts which eventually led her to join Premier in October 2000.

​“Premier is diligent in providing quality care for the individuals served,” she commented. “The staff here work hard and are completely devoted to their clients, that’s why I wanted to work here”

​Although she is the Program Director in Bartlesville, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to work in the field as an HTS.  A quality many find admirable. Tina also noted her admiration for Premier CEO Van K. Benton saying he goes “above and beyond” to ensure employees feel appreciated.

​What’s made her stay at Premier for so many years? She says it’s the special bonds she has formed with clients and staff members. “Our clients are family to us at Premier,” she said. “They love us unconditionally as we do them.”