Miranda Burright


Miranda has served many roles within the medical field throughout her professional life. More than 17 years of her experience has been dedicated to working with the Developmentally Disabled populations in our communities.

​Miranda began her work in the field as a Habilitation Training Specialist (HTS) in a children’s group home before moving on to work with the adult population in both vocational and residential settings. She continued to educate herself on the needs and issues surrounding this population, which has allowed her to successfully serve and advocate for both clients and staff, in her roles of House Manager, Program Coordinator, Senior Program Coordinator and Residential Program Director.

​“I just fell into the Developmental Disabilities field and enjoyed it so much, I never left,” she said. “When I was asked to join Premier as the Program Director, I was excited to be afforded the opportunity to help this population on a much higher scale.”

​After working for Premier for four years, Miranda said that she is constantly in awe of the clientele. “Our clients are truly an amazing and unique group of people,” she said. “They have great personalities, are highly active in the community and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

​She is equally impressed with her staff and fellow coworkers. “Our employees are supportive of their peers and most will go the extra mile to help anyone in need,” she explained.

​As for the future of Premier, Miranda has big dreams. She said her mission is to help the organization continue to grow and serve more of the population through various programs, while still maintaining the family-oriented environment that makes Premier special to many of our clients and employees.