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Why it’s important for ID/DD families to participate in the census

Census to end on September 30

Recently the US Census Bureau announced it would end their counting efforts on September 30, 2020. Why should this matter to you? The answer is simple – allocation of billions of dollars for critical services for everything from disability programs and advocacy programs to critical public services such as hospitals and emergency services are funded by the information gathered in the census.

Everyone counts

According to the official Oklahoma Census website “OK Let’s Count”, this census will provide funding for the services we live with for the next 10 years, if not longer. If we don't have enough people participating, Oklahoma could stand to lose up to $1,675 per person per year which would affect federal support for the aforementioned programs.

Online survey

The 2020 Census takes about 12 minutes to complete and this year you have choices – you can either fill it out online, or you can print out the form and mail it back. According to the Census Bureau, your survey answers are used to gather useful information about your community - no one is able to trace your survey answers back to you. The Census Bureau is legally bound to strict confidentiality requirements. Individual records are not shared with anyone, including federal agencies and law enforcement.

The deadline of September 30 is quickly approaching – make your voice count and ensure Oklahoma receives the funding needed for critical services. Visit and get counted.

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