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Voting for individuals with disabilities in Oklahoma

With the election just around the corner, we wanted to share some helpful information on voting for individuals with disabilities in Oklahoma. The excerpt below was obtained from the Together OK website. For those unfamiliar, Together OK is a nonpartisan coalition of citizens working together to secure a “robust future for our state”. Their grassroots activities also include helping to educate Oklahomans about issues.

Below is their Q&A regarding voting for individuals with disabilities:

Are there any accommodations in place for in-person voting on election day?

  • There are multiple options for assistance when voting in person:

  • Voters will have the option to listen to their ballot with a provided Hart InterCivic eScan A/T device if necessary. This device will also record votes, and it won’t trace the votes back to the voter.

  • Voters have the option of plugging their own devices into the audio tactile interface (ATI) controller, too.

  • Precinct workers can assist voters with physical disabilities who can’t mark their ballot, visual impairment, physical disabilities that don’t allow them to enter the facility, and voters who need assistance reading the ballot.

  • Voters can bring an assistant, like a friend, family member, or aide, to their polling site to help them vote. The assistant cannot be the voter’s employer or union agent.

Are there any accommodations in place for early voting?

  • These accommodations are the same as those in place for voting on election day.

Are there any accommodations in place for absentee voting?

  • Absentee voting is a great option for voters with disabilities. While anyone can vote by absentee ballot, voters with disabilities that wish to vote absentee have some special conditions that make it easier to vote.

  • These special conditions are addressed in the following five questions.

How can I vote if I am physically incapacitated?

  • You can request an absentee ballot by using the absentee ballot application, and then submitting it to your county election board by mail or fax. You can also designate an agent to deliver your application, but your agent must not be someone who works for you or is related to you. Your agent must be over 16 years old. These individuals can only be an agent for one voter per election.

  • You are also exempt from the notary requirement, but you must have two witnesses sign your ballot. Alternatively you can send in a copy of a form of identification instead of relying on witnesses. See the section on Absentee Voting for information on acceptable forms of ID.

How can I vote if I’m the caretaker for someone who is physically incapacitated and cannot be left alone?

  • You have the same options as an individual who is physically incapacitated. See the section above for information.

Additional resources

For other questions, you can contact the Oklahoma State Election Board.

· Website:

· Phone: 405-521-2391

· Find the address and phone number for your local county election board here.

Source: Together OK website

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