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Take a virtual trip to the zoo

Staying at home for the past few months has been a challenge for everyone, especially if you're caring for someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities (ID/DD). Instead of trying to "Netflix and chill" why not try something a little different? How about a virtual trip to the zoo?

Although there are some zoos accepting on-site visitors, there are restrictions that go along with a visit. For example, at the Tulsa Zoo, you must make an online reservation in advance and follow all guidelines including wearing a mask while visiting. They are also limiting the number of visitors, enforcing social-distancing and minimizing touch points to keep all visitors safe. You can find more information about the Tulsa Zoo by clicking here.

For many, these restrictions might prove to be a bit stressful. We suggest looking into some of the virtual zoo tours and live cams online. These are a great alternative to a physical visit (and let's face it, a little less stressful).

Here are some of the virtual zoo sites we recommend:

The San Diego Zoo - This site offers fun for both children and adults with live web cams, videos, games and information about different species.

The Georgia Aquarium - This zoo's live streams feature everything from sea lions, whales and jellyfish.

Kansas City Zoo - This is the zoo's penguin webcam. When you're finished watching these adorable King Penguins, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find a variety of other webcams you can view including giraffes.

Smithsonian National Zoo - Pandas, elephants and cheetahs oh my! Not only can you view the live cams but the zoo also offers activity pages you can download.

We will be sharing some more tips and creative entertainment ideas in future posts. Stay safe and remember, we will get through this together!

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