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Send a flat self-advocate to legislators for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The ARC of Oklahoma is inviting Oklahomans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to send a Flat Self-Advocate or Bitmoji Cartoon Avatar in their likeness to state legislators in time for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this March. This is the organization's take on The Flat Stanley Project featuring paper cut-outs that can be mailed. It is a safe way to make sure our client's voices are still heard at the Capitol during the pandemic. If you have a client that would like to participate, please assist them to complete this form by Feb. 15th.

Each Flat Self-Advocate or Avatar will be accompanied by a letter to your legislators based on the information provided in this form. The Arc of Oklahoma will ensure delivery to legislators in March.

Legislators will be encouraged to take photos with their Flat Self-Advocates or Avatars throughout the month and post them on social media with the hashtags #FlatSelfAdvocates, #IDDAvatar and #DDAwareness.

Sharing your point of view with your legislators is an important part of our democracy. It’s their job to represent you and they need to hear directly from their constituents on how programs and laws make a difference.

For more on the ARC of Oklahoma, visit their website.

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