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Prada joins the Valuable 500 to include persons with disabilities in fashion

Prada will be the first luxury fashion company to join The Valuable 500, a global initiative that promotes the needs of persons with disabilities by asking various businesses to include disability in their leadership meetings and long-term plans.

“Prada strongly recognizes the intrinsic value of persons with disabilities and commits to supporting all within its inclusion and sustainability agenda.” said Prada in a statement.

The company is currently exploring different opportunities to define a long-term program of activities, which will start with a commitment to hiring individuals affected by trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) into its Italian retail network.

“Prada’s commitment to The Valuable 500 as the first luxury fashion group is historic. Leaders such as Prada have the power to elevate and reframe the way that society thinks about disability. We cannot underestimate what a watershed moment this is.” said Caroline Casey, Founder of The Valuable 500.

Source: Prada, Disability Insider

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