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Microsoft to improve accessibility with launch of Surface Adaptive Kit

Microsoft has revealed a new kit intended to make gadgets more accessible for people with disabilities called the Surface Adaptive Kit. The kit is comprised of a range of “bump” labels for computer keys, cable port indicators and cable tags, and even device openers – tools to aid people with vision disabilities and those with limited hand mobility.

The “bump” labels are raised and come in an assortment of contrasting shapes and colors – making them easier to discern for people with sight loss. Also included in the kit are transparent keycap labels, designed for the computer keys, which are also raised to help users find specific keys.

Also included are two opener supports, meant to help people with limited hand strength more easily open a laptop lid: one larger lift to pull on, with a second loop included which could attach to a lanyard or strap and is designed to open a Surface Pro kickstand.

Dave Dame, Microsoft’s director of accessibility for devices, said, “It’s not simply about creating accessible technology, it’s about what the person can achieve and experience because of that technology.”

The new kit is just the latest in accessibility products that Microsoft has released in the last few years, including an adaptive controller for its Xbox console which makes playing the latest video games easier for people with disabilities.

Source: Disability Insider & Tech Radar

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