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Go FlyEase shoe offers hands-free experience for those with disabilities

Nike recently announced a radically different shoe with a unique design to better support adaptive athletes with disabilities called Go FlyEase. A truly hands-free experience, the user can slide them off and due to the remarkable bi-stable hinge design and FlyEase tensioner (which allows the shoe to remain stable in fully open and closed states).

Users just have to slide their foot into them and then just step down to lock the rear half of the shoe in place. To remove the shoes, the user simply steps on the heel (using the opposite foot), step up and then slide their foot out.

There are 20 easy-entry footwear styles in the Nike FlyEase family. The shoes will be available to select Nike members on February 15 and broader consumer availability later this year. Although there are currently no prices listed on Nike’s website, CNBC is reporting they will cost $120 per pair.

Sources: Nike, TechSpot

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