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Fun Christmas crafts for all ages and abilities: Clothespin Snowman

Finding inventive ways to stay busy during the pandemic has been challenging but we’ve discovered some fun arts and crafts to keep you busy and help get you in the Christmas spirit. Below are two low-cost projects perfect for all ages and abilities – clothespin snowmen! You can decorate the house, use them as gift tags or to hang your Christmas cards with from a string and more.

Clothespin Snowman #1


  • natural wood clothespins

  • yarn in various colors

  • glue

  • mini pom poms (any color)

  • white paint

  • paint brush

  • black marker

  • scissors

Start by paining the clothespins with white paint. Depending on the wood and paint you might need to do more than one layers. Be careful as the paint can “glue” the clothespin, open it up a few times while it dries.

Once the paint dries completely, it’s time to make a scarf. Take a short piece of yarn and wrap it around the clothespin, making a knot. Add a drop of glue to secure it.

Now take a black marker and draw two black eyes, mouth and black buttons on the snowman body.

Add a drop of glue between the eyes and mouth and stick on a mini pom pom. Wait for the glue to dry and your clothespin snowman craft is done.

Clothespin Snowman #2


  • Clothespins

  • Fine Point Sharpie Marker

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Baker's Twine (or any yarn or fabric)

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrush

Using a paintbrush, apply white paint to all sides of all the clothespins. Set them aside to let dry.

You can make the face at either end of the clothespin as it depends on how you will be using them and what direction they will be pinned.

Draw on eyes, mouth and eyebrows using the Sharpie marker. Paint on the nose and you can use your finger to smudge a tiny bit of paint for the cheeks. Then, carefully dab three dots of paint around the middle of the clothespin for the buttons.

For those that don't want to paint such tiny details, you could also use a magic marker to finish up the details. Measure and cut baker's twine (or yarn/fabric) to wrap around the clothespin. Wrap the baker's twine around the "neck" of the snowman and double knot or tie it into a bow. Be sure to let the all paint (or glue if you use it) on the clothespin completely dry before using.

Sources: Easy Peasy and Fun, Ben Franklin Crafts

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