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Crafty Ideas: How to make a friendship bracelet for all ages and abilities

Looking for ways to keep busy and have some fun? Why not give friendship bracelets a try? This fun art project is perfect for adults and children of all ages and abilities! You can create bracelets for yourself and for friends or maybe create some gifts for the upcoming holiday season. It’s also worth mentioning that creating these fun crafts encourages fine motor skills, gift-giving, creativity and visual-spatial skills as well.


  • String (or yarn)

  • Tape

  • Scissors


Cut five pieces of string. Cut each string the same length, approximately 20-24 inches long (depending on desired length).


Bring all the ends of your string together and tie them in a knot. Be sure to leave enough string at the end to tie your bracelet together at the end. Tying the ends together will create five loops.


Tape down your string to a table or sturdy surface.


Separate out the loops and hold each one on separate fingers. Don’t use your pinky fingers to hold these loops.


Starting with your left hand, weave your pinky or ring finger in the loops of your right hand, weaving under and over the loops. Once you get to the top loop, pull it all the way through. Alternate back and forth between weaving with your right and left hands. As you alternate hands, reposition the loops to your pointer and middle fingers. Repeat this process until your bracelet is complete.


When you’ve finished weaving, tie off the ends. Your bracelet is now ready to wear!

For a more simplified approach

As an alternative, you can make a simplified version friendship bracelet by taking one or two pieces of yarn and just adding beads. You can tie knots in between each bead for a special effect or just keep adding beads to make a bedazzled bracelet.

For those of you who want to try something a little more elaborate, visit the wiki site and watch their Do It Yourself videos.

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