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Accessible Web Remote allows people with physical disabilities to control their TV with their eyes

Cox Communications, in partnership with the Team Gleason Foundation, has unveiled a feature that allows people with physical disabilities to control their TV with their eyes called Accessible Web Remote for Contour.

The system is navigable through various assistive technologies, including eye gaze hardware and software, switch controls and sip-and-puff systems, allowing people who lost fine motor skills to browse the video guide. People who live with ALS, Parkinson’s or other degenerative conditions now have the same access to their TVs as anyone else.

“Cox is grateful to partner with Team Gleason because we believe in its mission to improve life for people living with conditions such as ALS,” said Pat Esser, president and chief executive officer of Cox Communications. “We are committed to improving our products to ensure all Cox customers can use our products, and will continue to create solutions with accessibility built in.”

According to the CDC, approximately 16% of people over 18 in the United States had some degree of physical functioning difficulty. Depending on the condition, this might influence whether people can use a traditional TV remote. Throughout the last three years, Cox has partnered with organizations like Team Gleason to ensure accessible design and development of its products, increase awareness and education, and improve processes and procedures focusing on disability inclusion.

To access the Accessible Web Remote, go to

Sources: Ability Magazine, Cox Communications

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