211 offers assistance to families in Northeastern Oklahoma

The COVID-19 pandemic has done more than just change the way we live our ever day lives (social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing), it’s also caused many families and individuals to struggle financially. This has put a strain on everyone, but we have discovered there are some wonderful organizations out there that are willing to help.

If you live in Northeastern Oklahoma, there are two websites in particular we wanted to share with you. They can help with everything from rent and utilities assistance to food banks and educational information for those who have children currently enrolled in distance learning.

The first site, called the "Connection Hub", is an arm of the Community Service Council and serves all of Northeastern Oklahoma. Here you will find a list of organizations that can provide a variety of programs and services to help you during the pandemic.

The Connection Hub can be found here. It's a good idea to visit this site first and see what organizations are participating so you have an idea of what services are available. Once you decide what services you are interested in, you may visit the 211 website or simply dial 211 and they will ask for your zip code and transfer you to the appropriate organization.

The 211 website also has information about where to find financial assistance, housing/shelter/rent support, crisis helplines, clothing/household items, food/meals, mental health and legal assistance - just to name a few.

Please let us know if you have any other suggested websites or organizations that are offering assistance during this difficult time - We’d be more than happy to share them with our readers.

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